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If IT TAKES more than one cycle to dry your clothes, burn odor, clothes are too hot, dryer is too hot for the touch, lint is blowing behind the dryer , extra humidity and extra heat in the dryer or laundry room, if your heating element or your thermostat  is broken… it’s a sign or in our language a “red light” to hurry to clean your dryer vent.

Once you are able to notice that drying takes longer than usual, there is probably enough debris buildng up in your dryer vent that can cause a serious fire.

Research proves that an average of 30 deaths and over 15,000 house fires happen every year due to clogged dryer ducts.


Most homeowners are sure that by cleaning the lint trap only, is sufficient to keep the lint from building up in the dryer vent exhaust.  Of course, this is wrong.

The rest of the lint that blows out of the dryer vent is wet and sticky from the moisture of the clothes, and most of it builds up and attaches to the interior of the vent instead of blowing outside .

Every 10 feet of dryer vent length, there is a 30% reduction in airflow, that means that in optimum condition airflow decreases to 40%. The taller the house the worse the problem becomes as airflow is reduced even further. In larger two story homes or apartment buildings with multiple vent lines, the problem is multiplied sue to the amount of dryer vent maintenance needed.


Dryer lint is the source material that ignites fires in the dryer.

The main reason for a fire to start is  lint and debris building up in the dryer vent exhaust preventing proper air flow which will  cause the dryer to overheat.  Keep using your dryer in this condition, and it will result in a major house fire.  When lint builds up, do not use your dryer. Call a professional dryer vent cleaning service.


The lack of maintenance & cleaning of Dryer vents is one of the most common reasons for home fires. Dryer vent cleaning is important home maintenance, it provides a reduced risk of fire to your home by removing all flammable materials from your vents, therefore if your dryer overheats due to malfunction you are able to avoid costly fire damages it may produce.


Always make sure that your dryer vent is professionally cleaned and inspected annually to help prevent dryer vent fires. Routine maintenance and care of your dryer vent system includes:


Once your dryer vent has been cleaned by Texas dryer vent cleaning service you will notice how the  better airflow dries clothes quicker clothes, saving you money.


Airflow can become restricted for a number of reasons, birds may have nested on or near the vent preventing airflow, lint build up from years of neglect may be causing the blockage in longer vents running 8 feet with multiple bends and corners for air access.


Once properly maintained by our technician, your dryer vents will only need cleaning every 1-2 years; based on usage. For larger families, buildings or facilities our technician may recommend more frequent cleaning and inspection. All cleanings are properly documented in order to illustrate before and after results as well as comply with your city, state ordinances and dryer manufacturer requirements.


Dryer vent exhaust needing to be up-to-code with your city. Texas Air Duct Cleaning Services uses a variety of specialized tools and procedures for dryer vent cleaning and cleaning out dryer vent exhaust. The entire process usually takes about one hour. However, dryer vent cleaning is only one part of our service. The dryer vent is also inspected for any possible issues that should be addressed by a professional dryer vent cleaning company.


The professional technicians at Texas Air Duct Cleaning Services are the qualified choice that will save you money, time, unnecessary dryer repairs and fire hazard.  Call Texas Air Duct Cleaning Services, the best dryer vent cleaning service in Texas.


Dryer exhaust vents must be cleaned at least once a year, a fact most homeowners don’t consider or just don’t know that this is one of the most important annually cleaning in the house. in some cases, even less than that (for example hotels, motels, hair salons, barbershops, day cares, hospitals).


Dryers operate by using a heat source gas or electric, a spinning drum, and a blower to get rid of the humidity from the clothes to dry the clothes quickly compare to the old fashion way of hanging the clothes on the line.


Most of scenarios start with “Honey the dryer is not working please call the appliance guy” or that your dryer needs one more cycle to dry the clothes. So you call the service guy and he confirms that the dryer fuse or the heat element is dead. But than he sees that

Your dryer sleeve is stuffed with enormous amount of lint and he tells you not to operate your dryer until you call a dryer vent cleaning service.


Every time you use your dryer, dangerous lint builds up in the dryer exhaust vent, a place that you cannot see.  When you clean your lint trap or the lint filter, you get rid of approximately 60% of the lint, which is good, but there is another 40% of the lint that is being blown into your exhaust vent with the mixture of wet steam that became a very sticky built up blockage.


Most homeowners don’t know that a slowly hidden dangerous occurs under their nose. 


Let’s talk about this lint that been blown into your exhaust vent.  First of all, there is a difference between the lint that is been collected on the lint trap or the lint filter, to the lint that comes out from the dryer exhaust vent.


The lint that you clean from your lint trap is more fluffy and dry.  The lint that is coming out of the dryer exhaust vent has the appearance of cotton candy and it’s more sticky and moist and has the ability to dangerously build up quickly inside the dryer vent.


Some houses are built with a good design of a laundry room placed at an external wall and has a hole drilled into the wall that goes out as a dryer exhaust vent. By doing it this way the vent is very short in length, which helps the dryer work efficiently and to reduce the risk of fire.


On the other hand some houses are built with the laundry room designed in the middle of the house in such a way that the exhaust vent need to run inside the walls with a lot of knee joints and up onto the roof or to a wall outside the house, in some cases the length of these dryer exhaust vents can be 35 feet or more, which makes it harder for the dryer to perform efficiently and increases the risk of fire.


Every unnecessary foot length will increase more lint build-up inside the vent, more inefficiency and more risk of fire hazard, and unnecessary dryer repairs. Most dryer exhaust vents have a 4-inch diameter and lint accumulates in this space very quickly and it will eventually clog up the vent.

The best method to clean your dryer exhaust vent is with a special rotary brush with bristles hard enough to brush out the sticky lint but not too hard to damage the dryer exhaust vent.  This brush needs to snake inside the dryer vent all the way from the outside to the inside.  All this action been done with the help of air pressure to blow the lint outside or vacuum pressure to vacuum the lint inside.  This is the best way to clean a dryer exhaust vent.


A good dryer vent cleaner will also use an air-flow meter to confirm a better way than his hand. Also dryer check needs to confirm that the dryer is in good shape.


Some dryer exhaust vents are located underneath the house beneath the foundation which makes the cleaning more difficult and increases the possibility to get clogged by dead rodents, mud, bugs, and rain water.  Those vents need to be cleaned only by a professional, and they are more likely to cost more to clean.


What makes the problem more difficult is that dryer exhaust vents are built in sections that have knee joints that makes the cleaning job even harder.


Bird nests are the most common type of blockage in dryer vents. When a bird builds its nest in a dryer vent it dangerously blocks the air blowing outside and increases the build up extremely. Most of the dryer vents which  have a bird nests are those vents which come out of an external wall and not on the roof.


Vents like those need to have a bird guard which does not allow the bird to get inside, but still allows the air and lint to blow outside.


Some vents that lead to the roof are being sealed to their caps without an easy way to have access to clean in the future.


So by doing that we are forced to lift the vent from the shingles to have an access to snake the rotary brush and to do a good cleaning job.  Some dryer vent cleaning jobs need to be done inside the attic because of a serious blockage which does not allow the rotary brush to clean out the entire length of the vent.


Many amateur companies will offer a cheaper price for dryer vent cleaning but they will use only a vacuum or a leaf blower to do so.  Which means this action will only blow the loose lint and will not solve the real problem and also it will build up very quickly after a few weeks.  So don’t try to save small money and call amateurs, because it will cost you more money later since the job will not be done right the first time and by the right guy.


Don’t wait until you feel that your dryer is taking more time to dry your clothes.  Clean your dryer exhaust vent annually.


In most cases when a homeowner discovers  they have a problem with their vent it is because they dryer gets overheated and burns the fuse or the heating element and they are being told by their appliance technicians that they might need to clean their vent.  Save your money. Don’t wait until it happens.


Nobody taught home owners that they need to clean a dryer exhaust vent, like nobody taught them how to make kids.

You just need to do it.  Give us a call and let us save you unnecessary dryer repairs, extra drying cycles which mean extra lost money and I am not talking about

Loosing your house with all your stuff.

Just for the record a full cycle of cloth dryer cost between $1 to $1.5 depended the brand and the operating time.

A normal family does between 5 to 8 times laundries a week

If you calculate just one extra cycle a laundry its $1 x 240 times a year it’s $240.

Some families loosing more than $1000 a year, so tell me if it’s not worth it paying $85 for a maintenance dryer vent cleaning Haa?


Thank you for reading



If you notice any of these signs, schedule a visit with either our San Antonio dryer vent cleaning professionals or our Austin dryer vent cleaning professionals today.




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